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Cosaan Seereer : Exclusive interview with Saltigi Biram Puuy (21st May 2016) : Listeners get a live reading

May 22, 2016


After playing the interview we did with Saltigi Biram Puuy on Seereer Radio's Cosaan Seerer, we received numerous e-mails and text messages from listeners asking us Saltigi Puuy's contact details. We asked you to be patient with us as we were working behind the scenes to bring Saltigi Puuy live on air so you can call the show and ask for a personal reading from this wise and gifted Seereer high priest. Your wish is our command! On Saturday 21st May 2016 - from 2 pm GMT (1 pm in Senegal and Gambia), Saltigi Puuy joined the Cosaan Seereer team live on air and took calls from listeners. 

He was not feeling well that day but was kind enough to join us to which we are immensely grateful. Check out the video interview we did with Saltigi Puuy uploaded on the Seereer Resource Centre's YouTube Channel: Please don't forget to subscribe to the Seereer Resource Centre's YouTube Channel for upcoming videos.

The Cosaan Seereer show broadcasts every Saturday from 2 pm GMT on Seereer Radio, Join the discussion by group Skype : SEEREERRADIO.

Date of first broadcast on Seereer Radio : Saturday, 21st May 2016

Presenters : Tamsier Joof, Demba Sene, Mamadou Fall and Dimlé Sène (Lance Johnson) as guest.

Guest: Saltigi Biram Puuy

Source language(s) : Saafi-Saafi, Seereer-Siin, English and Wolof

Subjects covered : psychic reading; Seereer religion; protection against evil or harm; Seereer traditional medicine and plants in Seereer medicine; Seereer cosmology; Seereer cosmogony; values of saltigi (or saltigue); death in Seereer society; and politics.

Radio program : Cosaan Seereer

Radio station : Seereer Radio

Owner : The Seereer Resource Centre (SRC)

Collection : The SRC Collection

Date of recording : Saturday, 21st May 2016

Location of guest: Thiés, Senegal

Medium : Audio recording

Additional information : This audio was recorded for the SRC Collection and Seereer Radio  | The Voice of the Seereer Community (our 24 hour stream radio station). 

Information about Saltigi Biram Puuy (or Birame Pouye): Saltigi Biram Puuy is one the last remnants of the old traditional Seereer priestly class. Saltigi (or Saltigue) is a Seereer religious title denoting a high priest or priestess. He was initiated into the secret order of the Seereer priestly class. Saltigi Puuy comes from a long line of Seereer priests. He is well versed in Seereer religious doctrines, history, traditional medicine, secrets of ndut classical teachings which includes the cosmos and the paranormal. Saltigi Puuy rarely give interviews, preferring to focus more of his time on Seereer history and culture than the usual role associated with the Seereer priestly class (saltigi). 

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