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Cosaani Senegambia (History of Senegambia) with El Hadj Demba Lamine Diouf

January 30, 2016

In this audio, El Hadji Demba Lamine Diouf of Senegal narrates the history of Senegambia. He touches on the meaning of the word Damel and Tëën (variations: teeñ, tégneteen or teign). Demba Lamine also discusses the founding of several old villages and towns in the Senegambia region including Lambaye. The Battle of Danki (1549) is also discussed in this audio along with the enthronement of Amari Ngoneh Sobel Faal (king of Cayor and Bawol) and Maad a Saluum Mbegaan Nduur (or  Mbegane Ndour)  - King of Saluum, who reigned in 1494.

Area of history : Oral history of Senegambia 

Narrated by : El Hadji Demba Lamine Diouf (from Senegal)

Program : Cosaani Senegambia [History of Senegambia]  

Radio station : Radio Gambia (at the time)

Year (or approximate year of recording) : Late 1970s to early 1980s.

Collection : The SRC Collection

Additional information : From the archives of Radio Gambia and Radio Senegal's collaborative program: "Cosaani Senegambia". Courtesy of The late Alhaji Alieu Ebrima Cham Joof (also known as Cham Joof) was the Director of Program. The presenters were Alhaji Mansour Njie and Alhaji Ousman Secka - speaking from Radio Gambia Studios, Bakau, the Gambia. The interviewer was Dodou Jego Jobe of Radio Gambia visiting Senegal in order to interview the subject (El Hadji Demba Lamine Diouf). This audio is part of the Seereer Resource Centre's Collection : The SRC Collection.

Information about the griot : Demba Lamine Diouf was a renowned Senegalese oral historian and a regular at the then Radio Senegal’s history program: "Cosaani Sénégambie". This audio was recorded in Senegal.  He was a Wolofized Seereer of the Seereer patronym Juuf. This audio is in Wolof.

Medium : Audio recording

Subjects covered : History of Senegambia, Meaning of Damel and Tëën (variations: teeñ, tégne, teen or teign).Founding some Senegambian villages and towns including Lambaye, The Battle of Danki (1549), The Enthronement of Amari Ngoneh Sobel Faal (King of Cayor and Bawol), The medieval Seereer king of Saluum  - Maad a Saluum Mbegaan Nduur (Seereer proper, or  Bour Saloum Mbegane Ndour).

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