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Part 1 of 2 : Cosaani Senegambia (History of Senegambia) : History of Saluum by Jabel Samba

January 30, 2016

This audio is in two parts :

Area of history : Oral history

Part 1. Interview of Macoura Mboub (of Senegal) by Dodou Jego Jobe of Radio Gambia. This section relates to Sohna Chenaba Saar (variations of Chenaba include :  Thienaba, Thiénaba, Tienaba, Chenaba  or Cénaba); the Secka family of Senegal and the Battle of Samba Sajo 1875. The interview took place at Senegal courtesy of Radio Gambia and Radio Senegal's joint programme : Cosaani Senegambia (history of Senegambia).

Part 2. This is the first part of the history of Saluum (or Saloum) and Ama Juuf Jaame (variation: Ama Juuf Jammeh or Ama Joof Jammeh)  narrated by Jebal Samba. This part covers the history of the Samba (or Samb) family of the Gambia (descendants of Sainey Mbissine Njaay Samba). It also covers the history of Saluum and Ama Juuf Jaame as well as the genealogy of the royal family of Saluum. For part 2 of this interview, click here.

Narrators : Macoura Mboub (Part 1), Jebal Samba (Part 2)

Program : Cosaani Senegambia

Radio station : Radio Gambia (at the time)

Year (or approximate year of recording) 1970s 

Collection : The SRC Collection

Additional information : From the archives of Radio Gambia and Radio Senegal's collaborative program "Cosaani Senegambia". Courtesy of The late Alhaji Alieu Ebrima Cham Joof was the Director of Program. The presenter was the late Alhaji Mansour Njie. Recorded at Radio Gambia Studios, Bakau, the Gambia (part 2) and Senegal (part 1). This audio is in two parts. Both are in Wolof. This audio is part of the Seereer Resource Centre's Collection : The SRC Collection

Information about the griot : Jebal Samba comes from a long line of griots. He is a paternal descendant of the renowned 19th century Senegambian griot - Sainey Mbissine Njaay Samba who was well known among the circles of early to mid 19th century Senegambian kings. He particularly gained prominence during the reign of Maad Saluum Balleh Horeja Ndaw (reigned: 1823 to 1857). Jebal Samba's grandfather (Sainey Ata Samba) was the official griot of Mama Tamba Jammeh, chief of Yilliyassa. Mama Tamba was a Seereer chief whose descendants can be found in the Gambia. This branch of the Samba family were Seereers of Kahone - the precolonial capital of the Seereer kingdom of Saluum. They are one of those we historically refer to as "Saluum-Saluum", a term denoting the "inhabitants of Saluum."

Medium : Audio recording

Subjects covered : Sohna Chenaba Saar, Secka family of Senegal, Battle of Samba Sajo, History of Saluum; Ama Juuf Jaame (or Ama Joof Jammeh), History of the Samba family of the Gambia.

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